About us

Viktoria Foundation for Knowledge and Technologies for Small and Medium Business 


The Viktoria Foundation for knowledge and technologies for SME transfers existing business models and services from abroad to Russia creating an adopted business package in order to set up new SME or to increase existing SME's portfolio.

“Viktoria” non-profit foundation is sponsored by Inok group of companies. Inok ltd is a large group of companies working in the field of business information support:

ICT, accounting software, legislation information system Consultant Plus. The group operates in the Russian market for more than 20 years and had built an extensive partnership network throughout Russian Federation and CIS.

The Consultant Plus network gives you a direct opportunity to access a large number of industrial enterprises in Russia and target out potential partners and clients.

“The free economic zone status that Kaliningrad region holds” stimulates the growth and development of import and export orientated enterprises through to tax reduction.


Our approach is based on ground-level knowledge of the needs existing in the Russian private and public sectors—needs which can be met with technical solutions that have already been proven in a competitive economy. Cooperation that modernizes the Russian economy, combines innovation with job-creation, and develops relationships between companies, organizations, and people is the objective of the Viktoria Foundation.

What we can do together

The Foundation works using a result-oriented model that brings business to the doorstep of SME’s. The Foundation provides a method for your organization to open the door to Russia for your member or client companies in a manner that avoids the initial capital input normally involved. Our model of cooperation can be applied in virtually any sector and accommodates partners of all types, private and public. To begin, simply contact us, and we will be glad to start cooperation with you.